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Tubex Tobidy Music iPlay Video for Android,iOS

  • App : Tubex Tobidy Music iPlay Video for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 1.8
  • 年齡分級 : 12+
  • 開發人員 : Ha Nguyen | App 支援

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Tubex Tobidy Music iPlay Video介紹

Tubex Tobidy Music iPlay Video– Tubex is made to help million of music lovers can reach millions of high quality video.
– Music is arranged in a reasonable way and updated continuously to help you experience and discover them comfortably

The main features of Tubex:

– Distribute music trend according to each country.
– Manage many kind of music for your discovering.
– Design friendly interface which is easy to manipulate, we can add any favorite song into your watch-list or play-list or remove them easily.

– Search best songs and playlists according to your requirement.
– Add searched music into watchlist or playlist as well as remove them easily.
– Reminiscent of ten keywords from recent searching.

– Use the best player to play video.
– Optimal player to experience and enjoy music in the best way.
– Choose any songs that you can see from your interface to activate the player.

– Videos are added unlimitedly into the watchlist.
– Sort video according to adding date into watchlist, duration, title.
– Search added musics from watchlist.
– Allow to add many favorite songs into any playlist.

– Playlists are created and managed unlimitedly.
– Add more videos into playlist from watchlist.

– Can share good songs, music trend via email or messages.
– Share Music Tubex App if you love it.
– Report bugs, improvement needed and restore purchase.

Please do send your voices so we can get it and deliver your favourite features at the best manner.

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